About us

We at Curious Oddities thank you for taking the the time to look at our store

I am in no way a person who loves bugs and spiders.  I will constantly check my office to make sure the spider I've just framed is not alive and will not come after me.  I do have a massive phobia.  I know these are dead specimens. BUT YOU NEVER KNOW!!!!  I have semi over come my fear by stepping out of my comfort zone and doing something I never thought I would do.  Here I am.  Loving every moment of it.  

We aim to give you the best grade specimens we can find. We do not engage ourselves with endangered, rare or protected species.  Whilst we aim to always buy our specimens from conservation parks, we can never guarantee that on all items.  Trust is a major factor, and with so many companies out there, its been hard to find the right ones who enjoy doing what they do, and do it for the right reasons.   If you have any other questions please don't hesitate to reach out. 

All specimens are legally obtained, legally brought, and legal to own.  Once you have the piece in your home our only must is maintenance.  Please keep out of direct sunlight.  Sun can cause a lot of damage.  You may also notice some tiny moths appear, you can use moth balls, or every 6 months, give a light spray of Bug spray on the back of your frame to help keep them away.  I give them a clean and do my own work to stop this from ever happening, but at times it can.


We are based in Regional Victoria.  Domestic Shipping Only.


All enquiries to go to:  curiousodditiesau@gmail.com


We appreciate the support and love.